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ALFAAZH is your site for Lyrics of Hindi Film Songs. This is an ever growing archive of jewels of Indian Music picked from ancient Hindi Cinema as well as Modern Films.

The best selection of songs have been added from old and new movies. The songs are listed by song name as well as by film name. You can also search for songs from the archive. Many of the songs on Alfaazh are added here thanks to requests from Hindi Music Fans as well as lyrics contributed by them.

A big thank you to all Music lovers who have helped in making Alfaazh a success by their contributions, suggestions, encouragement and by bringing more Music Lovers to this site.

Everyone is welcome to post requests in the request book and more than welcome to contribute to Alfaazh too. Any lyrics contributed will help Alfaazh to grow and will be highly appreciated. It will be our constant endeavour to improve and update the site continuously and we request for your continued feedback. Don't forget to check out our additional features: View the Photographs of old and new bollywood stars and vote for your favourite singers.

So jump on and start singing! And do tell all music lovers to join you too.

Remember to Bookmark this site, new songs are added regularly!

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